What is co-production?

It simply means “working together to produce a product, service or activity”.

It places a high value on young carers’ life experiences and ideas rather than relying on the “expertise” of professionals.


Take a look at the video below for a short explanation.



Why Bother?

  • To have products and services that young carers actually need and want.

  • To be fully inclusive and ensure that all young carers have their say, so that they feel heard, seen and valued.

  • To be completely open and honest about all decisions in the process.

  • To have transparent and clear communication that can be understood by everyone.

  • To build the confidence of young carers and empower them to make decisions and take back some control.

  • To help make their caring role more manageable.


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Co-Production Projects

  • Smaller short term projects on the lead up to Young Carers Action Day or other local and national events. Details to be confirmed.

  • Planning, designing and producing the support services delivered by Young Carers Notts, including the promotional material needed.

  • Planning, designing and producing the new Young Carers ID card, including the benefits and ongoing admin involved.


I’m a Young Carer, How Do I Get Involved?

Young Carers can be involved at a level that suits them and can work around their caring role. This could be via telephone, email, online meetings or face to face. To express an interest please email info@nottinghamshirecarers.co.uk





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