Young Carers visit Downing Street

A year 11 student (Finlay) who attends Retford Oaks Academy (ROA) has been instrumental in helping the Carers Trust in influencing Government, Politicians and  Educationalists in highlighting the need for support of young carers nationally.

This has been achieved by the close liaison between NCA, ROA and the Carers Trust.

Finlay was part of the group of young carers from across the country whose actions culminated in the handing in a letter to No 10 Downing Street for the attention of the Prime Minster.

They were also fundamental in the gathering of information for the publication of the All-Parliamentary Group for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers report (APPG) on Life Opportunities.

A hugely significant report and a first of its kind. The group were invited to attend the House of Lords launch of this report.

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