Carer Friendly Quality Mark

We have launched our new Carer Friendly quality marks which will be awarded to schools and GP surgeries across Nottinghamshire in recognition of their work to support Adult and Young Carers. Look out for them and huge congratulations to our schools and surgeries for your hard work.


GP Liaison

Surgeries who complete our Carer Awareness training receive a Certification and can gain our Carer Friendly Quality Mark to use in their own publicity. This recognises that a surgery is committed to supporting carers and working closely with other organisations provide quality support and guidance.

GP's that have the Carer friendly quality Mark - Mar 2020.docx (13 KB)

Carer_Friendly_Practice.jpg (84 KB)


School Liaison

Schools who have a Carers Lead and take part in our training gain Certification and our Carer Friendly Quality Mark. This recognises their commitment to identifying and supporting Young Carers and their partnership work with organisations to give support and guidance.

School's that have engaged to receive the Carer friendly quality mark Mar 2020.docx (12 KB)

Carer_Friendly_School.jpg (83 KB)