Bassetlaw Action Centre Achieve Carer Friendly Employer Accreditation

Who: Nottinghamshire Carers Association

What: Bassetlaw Action Centre Achieve Nottinghamshire Carers Association (NCA) Carer Friendly Employer Accreditation

Issued: 18.07.2022


Bassetlaw Action Centre Achieve Nottinghamshire Carers Association (NCA) Carer Friendly Employer Accreditation

Nottinghamshire Carers Association (NCA) were delighted to present Bassetlaw Action Centre with their Carer Friendly Employer Accreditation.  By signing a Carers Pledge the organisation committed to acknowledge and support informal carers amongst their employees and volunteers, nominate and train a Carers Champion, review policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive of carers and communicate the support available throughout the organisation. 

Bassetlaw Action Centre’s Jayne Bullock said: “We are really proud to be working in partnership with Nottinghamshire Carers Association to help provide support for colleagues who are unpaid carers. We are committed to caring for these colleagues and providing them with the support and understanding that they need. We look forward to working with NCA to see what more we can do to support our colleagues to ensure that the right level of support is given across our employees and volunteers”.


NCA work with health and social care professionals, schools, GP’s and local organisations to raise awareness of unpaid carers, and to promote the Carers Hub service Tu Vida across the county.  Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC).


The Carers in Employment project aims to support and encourage organisations across Nottinghamshire to retain those staff who, due to their unpaid caring responsibilities, are at risk of leaving the workforce as a result of stress, ill health, lack of understanding and/or simply lack of time.


Employers can benefit from free training, resources and ongoing support from NCA. Understanding that a “one size fits all” approach isn’t practical, NCA will help to review policies and procedures so employers can offer a level of support that is appropriate to their own workplace.


The business benefits of providing employees with support to manage their unpaid caring role alongside their paid employment include employee retention, reduced recruitment and training costs, reduction in sickness and absence and improved productivity alongside better people management.


If you are an employer in Nottinghamshire and would like to know more about the Carers in Employment initiative, please contact:

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 Caption:  Bassetlaw Action Centre’s Sam Oxley (right) being presented with the Carer Friendly Employer Quality Mark from Nottinghamshire Carers Association’s Jayne Davies (left).


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Editor Notes:

What is a Carer?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental or physical illness, substance misuse issue, or who needs extra help as they grow older.

For some, taking on a caring role can be sudden: someone in your family has an accident or your child is born with a disability. For others, caring responsibilities can grow gradually over time: your parents can’t manage on their own any longer or your partner’s mental or physical health gradually worsens.

The amount and type of support that carers provide varies considerably. It can range from a few hours a week, such as picking up prescriptions and preparing meals, to providing emotional support or personal care day and night.

Caring will touch each and every one of us in our lifetime, whether we become a carer or need care ourselves. Whilst caring can be a rewarding experience, it can also have a huge impact on a person’s health, finances and relationships.