Building a Better Workplace: Carer Awareness Training

Nottinghamshire Carers Service

Building a Better Workplace: Carer Awareness Training

Join us for our online event focused on building a better workplace by promoting carer awareness in the workplace. This interactive training session will equip you with valuable insights and practical strategies to foster an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Discover the importance of carer awareness and how it can positively impact both employees and organisations. We will share our knowledge, experiences, and best practices, empowering you to create a workplace that values and supports the unpaid carers in your workforce.

The training will include:

  • Who carers are and how to identify and support them
  • The impact of caring on the workplace
  • What steps to take if you have employees who also provide caregiving
  • Awareness of support available
  • New statutory legislation - The Carers Leave Act 2024 - 6th April 2024
  • How your organisation could achieve our Carer Friendly Employer Quality Mark

Whether you are an employer, manager, or employee, this event offers a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of carer needs and learn how to implement effective policies and support systems.

Don't miss out on this valuable chance to contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate workplace. Register now to secure your spot!


Tuesday 26th March at 1pm - 2pm Book via Eventbrite

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