Request for Carer Involvement

Home First Services Tender (Nottinghamshire County Council).

April 2022

Home First

Nottinghamshire County Council arranges a service for people who need support to be provided very quickly at home. This usually happens when some-one is leaving hospital, or because things at home have suddenly become difficult.


The service usually supports people for a few weeks to help them get back to managing as best they can and to see if any further help might be needed.


Support usually involves a carer visiting regularly at home to help with things like washing and dressing, preparing food and housework.  They may also help with some simple health care tasks. The aim is very much to help people to get back to doing as much for themselves as possible.


This is called the “Home First Service”.  The Council contract for the Home First Service is coming to an end.  We need to choose an organisation to take the service forward from April 2023.



What would we like carers to help with?


Firstly, we would like carers to help us choose an organisation to provide the new service. This will involve helping to evaluate written responses to questions about how the organisations plan to deliver the service. This may also include listening to organisations give a presentation as part of the selection process.


The second area we would like carers to help us is working with the successful organisation to design ways of involving people and carers who use the new service, on an ongoing basis so that we develop and improve how the service works.




How long will the project take? 


We expect to complete the selection process over a few weeks between 18th July to 17th August 2022.


The second area will start once the new provider organisation has been chosen.  We would like people to work with us from November 2022 until April 2023.


Once the new service is up and running it will carry on for several years. During this time there is likely to be other opportunities where we would like to work with carers.


Do I have to get involved in both areas of work?


No, we hope people will want to continue working with us on getting the new service up and running but appreciate some people may simply want to help us choose the new provider.



How can carers get involved?


If you are interested in getting involved let us know by e-mailing us at


A member of the team will contact you to talk more about how you might be involved and what support you may need.



Malcolm Potter

Senior Commissioning Officer