International Stress Awareness Week (2-6 November 2020)

International Stress Awareness Week (2-6 November 2020)

Stress in the workplace and particularly for those employees who are combining both caring responsibilities and work has never been as topical as it is now. 

64% of carers have seen a decline in their mental and physical wellbeing during the pandemic (Carers UK “Covid19 – six months caring behind closed doors”).    

Employers can help by creating a culture where it is ok to talk about caring, communicate the support available in their organisation, from flexible working practices, adapting policies and procedures to reflect the challenges faced by working carers, to advice and information by signposting to local and national support services.  

Employees who are supported at work, show a measurable improvement in wellbeing and performance and are less likely to leave employment. 

Through our free Carers in Employment initiative, Nottinghamshire Carers Association can help employers understand the challenges and put in place a package of support for the unpaid working carers in their employment. 

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